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Alde Garden: The Perfect Antidote To Busy Lives


Alde Garden: The Perfect Antidote To Busy Lives

Alde Garden is a wildlife campsite with a range of eco-properties ranging from yurts to a cottage to a gypsy caravan to name a few. Located in the heart of Suffolk, it’s just 2 hours by train from London and a 20 minute drive to the Suffolk coast. The campsite is situated in the village of Sweffling, the near the town of Framlingham.

Alde Garden is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. Winding pathways lead through trees and wildlife areas leading to small clearings where each accommodation option hides.

Friendly communal areas allow you to get to know other guests, but there’s also enough seclusion to allow you private time too.

Relaxation and spending time in nature is a luxury that is often taken for granted. At Alde Garden relaxation is a speciality. Evenings spent unwinding around the campfire; a secluded Jungle shower and a variety of communal and private spaces mean you can design your stay uniquely to you.

Alde Garden’s Eco Credentials

Sustainability is at the heart of Alde Garden:

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

  1. Recycle bins onsite with clear labelling and recycling infomation
  2. Majority of the furniture within the accommodation are either recycled or made from recycled materials
  3. The amount of paper used is reduced by the business been on line
  4. The amount of energy used is reduced by using low energy light bulbs, renewable energy, hand tools rather than electric, cycling (or public transport) rather than driving and use wood rather than use gas/electricity to heat where possible.
  5. Recycled wood from a waste recycling company, recycled pellets from a builders yard and wood offcuts/briquettes are used  for the fire/woodburner.


  1. All food waste is composted,  collected from a container within the communal cooking area, There is also a compost toilet which turns human waste into safe manure.

Green Energy

  1. There is solar lighting in the garden, in the units and communal areas
  2. Solar heated showers in the shower block
  3. Solar ‘jungle showers’ for use by the guests
  4. Low energy light bulbs used throughout all the accommodations
  5. Wind up lanterns and torches are used as back up lighting
  6. Bike lights are LED low energy bulbs and use rechargeable  batteries
  7. No mains electric to the units except the cottage


  1. Pathways through wildflowers/trees to ensure minimal disturbance to wild areas
  2. One area is set aside as a wildlife conservation area
  3. The planting of indgenous trees, shrubs/hedges and plants which are of specific interest/benefit to wildlife
  4. Bird nesting boxes and feeders are provided
  5. Lighting at night is kept to a minimum to avoid light pollution and disturbance to wildlife
  6. Unnatural sound is kept to a minimum on site, no load music & no tv’s
  7. Donations are made to wildlife charities for each night a unit is occupied
  8. Alde Garden encourages a natural balance ie lacewing homes to keep aphid population down, ducks to keep mosquitoes and snails down and cats to keep the mice population down
  9. No new concrete has been added to the site in order to develop the campsite business, utilising existing outbuildings  and all other development has been made using natural materials and/or removable structures
  10. Books and charts encourage recognition and appreciation of different species of wildlife


  1. Books, charts and posters are on view containing information about various issues including green energy, green building methods, wildlife, healthy eating and environmentally friendly lifestyles
  2. Alde Garden makes its own yurts on site and workshops forms part of the reception/shop area, so that guests can see how a yurt is made. It is hoped that in the long term workshops will be held teaching a variety of country crafts and skills

Cleaning & Chemicals

  1. Natural eco cleaning products are used whenever possible and all soaps are made from natural ingredients
  2. Towels and other soft furnishings (except the sheets) are coloured rather than white, so that harsh chemicals and very hot washes are not necessary
  3. Towels and other linen will only be washed at change over, or at the request of a guest, to eliminate unnecessary cleaning
  4. Wherever possible, no unnatural chemicals are used
  5. No weedkiller or chemical fertilisers are used
  6. Only natural ingredients are used in cooking


  1. Alde Garden minimises the use of water wherever possible and encourage guests to do the same
  2. The compost toilet uses no water
  3. Rainwater is stored for watering plants and it is hoped in the future Alde Garden will find a means to store larger amounts of rainwater for use in cleaning

Alde Garden Ethos & Ethics

  1. Alde Garden supports local independent traders and encourages guests to do the same
  2. Stock locally made handcrafts in their shop
  3. The pub only sells locally made ales and wines
  4. The welcome pack, pre order packs and picnic hampers contain mostly locally made items
  5. Avoid products with excessive packaging and favour fairly traded and UK made products
  6. Try to avoid new furniture, buying second hand or making furniture from recycled materials instead and looking after items to prolong their life
  7. The yurts are hand made on site from locally grown wood and almost entirely using hand tools
  8. The yurts canvas is 100% cotton and the plastic parts (skirt and windows in crown) are made from recycled tents and pushchair covers
  9. Continually look for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and keep up to date with green issues and ethical consumer news
  10. Keep an eco diary, recording events and progress to their commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible

Alde Garden has a great range of eco friendly accommodation available on our website. To find out more info, click on the links below:

Barn Owl Yurt – sleeps 4 

Dragonfly Yurt – sleeps 5

The Hideout – sleeps 2

Gypsy Caravan – sleeps 4

Badger Cottage – sleeps 4

Bell Tent – sleeps 5

Tent Pitches



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