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Sustainability At Earthstays

06/08/2023 by Phil

Our Pillars Of Sustainability

The sustainability of holiday accommodations on Earthstays is based on two pillars.

These are a combination of current sustainability certification programs and the ten eco-credentials that we have.

Current Sustainable Certifications 

There are several sustainability certification programs available.

Earthstays has partnered with Sustonica to provide sustainability certification programs for listings on our website.

If a holiday accommodation has a Sustonica badge, it will be shown on their Earthstays listing. This will give guests a better understanding of the sustainability of the accommodation.

Holiday accommodations which already have a Sustonica badge, automatically qualify for a Earthstays listing.

You can learn more about Sustonica by visiting their website

Our Ten Sustainability Criteria

Earthstays has ten criteria that we use to evaluate sustainability for every holiday accommodation listed on our website & each accommodation must have at least three eco-credentials from the following list:

  1. Have recycling facilities
  2. Use renewable energy, such as solar power, air source heat pumps, wind energy, biomass energy etc
  3. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  4. Use water saving devices such as low flow shower head or water efficient toilet
  5. Use local services and suppliers
  6. Compost any green waste
  7. Encourage biodiversity around your holiday accommodation such as wild flower areas
  8. Discourage the use of plastics
  9. Have energy efficient appliances
  10. Use LED bulbs for lighting

The provided criteria are based on the statements provided by the accommodation owners and we firmly believe the information provided by the owners is correct. Compliance with sustainability criteria by the owners is therefore provided by Earthstays without guarantee