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About Us

04/06/2022 by Phil

Founded in 2022 by Phil Pask, Earthstays was founded to help independent hospitality owners to advertise their holiday accommodation to people who are looking for more eco-friendly & sustainable places to stay.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place by:

1.  Focusing on accommodation with an emphasis on the sustainability, environment & nature.

2. People’s physical physical  & mental well-being.

3. Direct bookings & commission free advertising.

We are not an agency, we put you in direct contact with the accommodation owner, so that you can ask questions, making sure the accommodation meets your personal needs, and book directly with the person who knows the accommodation better than anyone else.

Booking independently provides a high level of flexibility and can often lead to great savings as we don’t charge any additional booking / service fees on top of owners rates.

All of our owners are verified and have passed verification process.