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Exploring The Eco Credentials Of Cravenwood Cottages


Exploring The Eco Credentials Of Cravenwood Cottages

When we first heard about Earthstays, we loved the idea of the platform and when the opportunity to join came up, we agreed that this would be the perfect fit with our ethos here at Cravenwood Cottages.

Today I’ve been invited to introduce our business a bit and talk a little about our eco credentials and so here are a few things you should know about us:

  1. We have four dog-friendly units on our beautiful site in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales: Two railway huts, Clarabella & Annie, that are perfect for a weekend away with a private hot tub. Our four person cottage, Pine View is ideal for walkers and explorers  and our six person cottage, Silver Birch, lets you take the whole family away with you.
  2. We are a family run business. Our family has been in the hospitality industry for four generations now, so it’s safe to say that providing top quality holiday accommodation, is a family tradition. My mum, Marcia opened Cravenwood Cottages in 1996, when my parents moved to the little village of Embsay and after graduating in 2022, I joined the business.
  3. Being as eco-friendly as possible is our thing! At Cravenwood, we don’t just live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, nature is a part of our daily lives. With the sounds of the dawn chorus heralding in the new day, our friendly wild rabbit Honey Bunny hopping around the garden, the squirrel family scampering through the tress, Doris the sheep coming to greet our new guests and the pipistrelle bats coming out to playing the twilight, it is impossible to stay with us and not be enhanced by the world world around you.

The wonderful thing about living at Cravenwood is that we are constantly reminded that we are caretakers of this beautiful place and that we have a duty to take care of it for its natural residents. So, with our business, we are committed to being as eco-friendly as possible, with energy efficient appliances and recycling facilities available in each of our units. We use eco-friendly cleaning products for our changeovers.

With our outdoor spaces, we leave as much as we can to nature. Our rewilded meadow provides an entirely natural habitat for many animals, insects and plants. We encourage biodiversity in the main garden by planting wildflowers, new sapling trees and bushes and allowing natural forms of fungi, moss and other wild plants to grow wherever possible. Any green waste onsite is composted or repurposed into warm winter habitats for our furry friends – the birds often use the grass clippings in their nests. The fallen apples and horse chestnuts feed a lot of animals during the winter months.

We’re always looking to improve, our next project is looking into an EV charger to encourage more electric car to visit us. Any eco-friendly suggestions from our guests are always welcome and we implement whatever we can.

I would like to thank Roxanne for this guest blog post. Roxanne is the Co-Manager at Cravenwood Cottages. If you’re seeking a getaway that allows you to unwind in a stunning natural environment while also making a positive impact on the planet, I highly recommend Cravenwood Cottages.

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