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Adventures, Mental Health & I


Adventures, Mental Health & I

So for starters I would like to thank Earthstays for asking me to write this blog post. I’ve never wrote a blog post before so I hope you all like it and if I talk rubbish or ramble I apologise I’m just buzzing that I’ve been asked to write a blog post about her life!

For you all who don’t know me, I’m the content creator of gemsadventures95 over on Tik Tok and after much persuasion from my best friend Emma who is my number 1 supporter, I made an Instagram account too!

I started gemsadventures95 last year when I really got itchy feet for exploring Scotland (I’m from Clydebank, just outside Glasgow), I have always loved Scotland and travelling from a young age and it’s down to my mum, dad, gran and granda who always used to take us on holidays round Scotland but battling with my mental health growing up I only ever felt myself doing things with people I felt safe with and I also only liked travelling in the uk as I knew in my mind if I felt anxious I could get home ( I know your wondering someone who loves travel so much can get home sick, well yes! I never realised I got home sick until I actually started going to therapy and that’s when I realised I am a sucker for my home comforts even though I love travel too ) so that takes me back to my point of travelling round Scotland, I felt free doing this and I knew I was in my own country so if I felt anxious I was able to be home within a few hours instead of a plane journey later. I also have the most supportive friends and family around me, true genuine friendships that it’s got to a point that it doesn’t matter where I am I know I’m safe because I have such a good support system so maybe gemsadventures95 will go global at some point ! But again this is also something I’ve learned through therapy that I can be 500 miles away and still feel anxious but I’ll be ok, just like I could be in the house and feel anxious but I’ll also be ok. So anyway I’m rambling and I apologise, but yea I started gemsadventures95 last year and I was really busy at the time with a new promotion in work that, that took priority so In the end I probably never put the effort into the content I was posting even though I was still going on lots of adventures on my days off. It wasn’t until this year when I first went off sick with my mental health that I really took a step back and thought about what makes me , me and what I enjoy doing which is going on adventures, for the longest time I’ve always been the planner and the go to when my friends need ideas for things to do so I thought why not try help me get my spark back by helping other people see what beautiful places Scotland has to offer. I started posting a lot more when I first went off sick and speaking about my mental health over on my TikTok and I was surprised at the amount of messages I had received from people explaining how they relate to my post, some of these people I now speak to weekly and even daily so for me something that used to make me terrified to discuss because I felt ashamed and embarrassed actually helped me connect with people and I have met some of the loveliest people through TikTok and Instagram that I genuinely don’t think I could ever feel alone again with the amount of support I have around me, now I know that’s not always the case but I have learned to surround myself with people who I feel safe with, safe to express who I am my true authentic self and I’ve realised in doing that it has changed my life and who I am as a person as over all I feel I’m now a more open minded person because of the influences I have in my life with some of these starting because I made gemsadventures95. From these posts my account just seemed to grow and grow which was absolutely amazing but then I ended up off again with my anxiety and this time I knew it was going to be longer term as I knew I never stayed off long enough the first time and I knew I had to really revaluate my life, what I was doing and how it was effecting me. So I did take a step back from my adventure account for a few weeks until my medication kicked in, I caught up on sleep, You don’t realise but healing makes you so tired, admitting that you aren’t ok is draining and to be honest I just needed time to be with my family. I cut off from the world for quite a few weeks and I feel like I needed this as I had definitely lost my spark for life in the process of trying to do too much but in cutting off from the world I then had to face my anxieties and the world one deep breath at a time, it’s something I’m currently still dealing with and something I’m improving on day by day but I think mixing in my mental health chat with my adventure account has also helped me as it has made me realise I should never be ashamed of me, the life I am creating for myself my younger self would absolutely love as we have the best of friends a healthy family and we get to speak to so many people all over the world, go on adventures and help people whether it comes to mental health chat, planning a staycation trip or even a day trip. I truly believe gemsadventures95 has helped me as every week I’ll research for things to do in Scotland which in turn helps me get out which helps my anxiety as being outdoors helps me massively but then I also get to either bring my friends along or family so I’m spending time with the people I love which is also helping me get better mentally.

So my message is if your still reading and if you are, I apologise I’m such a rambler. Look after yourself, take a step back if you need to. Sometimes you need to go into hermit mode for a while and restart again, find the basic things you love in life and start by doing them again. The outdoors for me is an escape but I like doing it with the people I love, I like having them experience what I experience, true connections mean everything to me and getting my spark back is my priority while experiencing all of these beautiful sites and I’m taking yous along for the ride with me, the messy, bumpy wild and just crazy life I have. But In hope that yous can see even though I post about travel, I have feelings and emotions and a life I deal with too and it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Never wish to be anyone but you. Look after yourself.

Lots of love.



One thought on “Adventures, Mental Health & I

  • Emma
    on 25/07/2022

    What a truly honest and raw post… your an inspiration to many ! Xx


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